Wednesday, December 28, 2005


King of Prussia

Perhaps most famous smugglers in Cornwall were the Carter family of Prussia Cove, where John the eldest son, because of his admiration for Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, named the cove after him. His activities were notorious; he set up a small battery of cannons on the cliffs and used them on one occasion to fire upon the revenue cutter "Faery" when it got too close. Two years earlier, in 1801, he intercepted the revenue cutter "Brilliant" as she made for Penzance with contraband previously recovered from his operations. Fearing the displeasure of his customers, he bearded the boat, recovered his property, and returned the goods to them.

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I was interested to read your blog about the Looe Island smugglers. I've just written a book about the history of the island, called Island Life: A History of Looe Island (out in June 2006). I also wondered if you might like to link to my website about the island:
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