Wednesday, August 23, 2006



This is me at work. Sorry about the back view, but can't really afford to show my face.


The Windycutts

The Windycutts is a smuggling lugger which features in Ged Duncan's latest Puzzling Smuggling children's novel. Sydney the Smuggler and Plug battle stormy seas and Customs men to bring back a secret cargo. But they are baffled when they discover what the cargo is.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Saved by the Bladder

"A woman of the name of Maclane, residing at Gosport, accustomed to supply the crew of Queen Charlotte with slops went out in a wherry to Spithead, when a sudden squall coming on, the boat sank; the watermen were drowned, but the life of the woman was providentially saved, by being buoyed up with a quantity of bladders, which had been secreted round her for the purpose of smuggling liquor into the ship, until she was picked up by the boat of a transport lying near."

Hampshire Chronicle of March 25th 1799


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